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There’s no age limit to learning

That’s why our members do more than think about learning something new, they actually get out there and do it. Whether it’s continuing education down the street at Portland State University, geological field trips to the Columbia Gorge or woodworking in our very own studio, our members constantly prove that retirement has very little to do with retiring. Whether you’re into languages or cooking lessons, movie history or microbreweries, learning something new is just a part of being here.

Let’s #YearnToLearn. What’s on your schedule?

Art 101

  • Feed your potential film buff in our Film Lecture Series
  • Audit an arts class at PSU, everything from art history to book arts, drawing,  painting and sculpture to graphic design
  • Join the Woodshop Committee and build beautiful cabinets to display art, like the one currently displaying a member’s professional woven basket collection
  • Share literary love and great views during book club on the rooftop terrace
  • Be inspired as you wander through our Fall show, “Because She Cares,” a collection  of mosaics of female CEOs by artist Teresa Weil

Politics and Culture

  • Stay involved in everything from environmentalism to social justice in our Saturday Morning Breakfast Forums lectures
  • Passionate about something? Teach a class or attend one, led by our members
  • Attend The Inquiring Mind weekly series led by members

Sports & Natural History

  • Take a geological field trip to the Columbia River Gorge
  • Challenge yourself – and others – to billiards and table tennis
  • Head to the coast for great hikes and nature walks
  • Find your green thumb in Tomato Alley or our indoor garden room
  • Try cardio drumming, yoga, or a new Wellness class
  • Participate in a charity walk for your favorite organization
  • Do something new! From biking to kayaking, Oregon is your playground.

Visit the opera. Learn a new language! Adventure to the mountains and see something you’ve never seen. Whether you’re creating or sharing, it’s never too late to discover something new to love. In fact, we think the timing is pretty perfect, don’t you? Welcome back! #YearnToLearn is in session.