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Terwilliger Plaza


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The Arts

Art can make your heart sing, help you see the world in a new way or just inspire you to create something new. That’s why #WeHeartTheArts. It’s also why you’ll find over 1,000 pieces of art in our halls and on our walls. From Gaugin to Spanish Baroque, glass arts to impressionists, our collection is constantly changing and is as diverse as the people who live here – including our many artists-in-residence. Whether it’s weaving or watercolor, openings or artist talks, cello or clay, art does more than inspire us, it connects us. In brilliant, living color. Check events for upcoming exhibits.

The Arts
Meet the Artworks Committee.

Like that Impressionist painting outside your apartment? Are you a fan of some of the glass arts that have been in the galleries? You can thank the Artworks Committee. (And if you live here, you could join.) Since 2001, this group of volunteers with artistic backgrounds have been curating three rotating galleries within Terwilliger Plaza as well as organizing art openings, lectures, artist talks and so much more. Whether you’re an artist or just appreciate it, you’ll love how #WeHeartTheArts.