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Lifelong Learning

There’s no age limit to learning. That’s why our members do more than #YearnToLearn, they get out there and do it. Continuing Education classes at Portland State University. Geological field trips to the Columbia Gorge. And a woodworking shop, right here. From languages to cooking lessons, movie history to microbreweries, we’re proving that retirement has very little to do with retiring – and everything to do with doing. So visit the opera. Have a museum date. Or host a dinner party about your last trip to Barcelona. Whether you’re sharing or creating, it’s all a part of being here.

Like to learn? Here are a few of our favorite things.

  • Audit classes at Portland State University
  • Find a new passion in our woodshop
  • Stay involved by hearing lectures on everything from environmentalism to social justice in our Saturday Morning Breakfast Forums
  • Watch great movies and learn behind-the-scenes facts with our Film Lecture Series
  • Try cardio drumming, yoga, or a new Wellness class
  • Take a geological field trip to the Columbia Gorge
  • Challenge yourself – and others – to billiards and table tennis
  • Host a dinner party to share your love of the world
  • Enjoy book club on our rooftop terrace with a view of the city
  • Nurture nature in Tomato Alley or our indoor garden room
  • Attend The Inquiring Mind weekly series led by members
  • Passionate about something? Teach a class or attend one, led by our members
  • Enjoy a large and current selection of books, periodicals and audio books and order some of your favorites with on-site access to the Multnomah County Library
  • Insert your favorite, here.