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Welcome To September – And New Beginnings

We’re back – and ready for some new beginnings.

After a period of reflection, we’re back. And in the spirit of new beginnings, we wanted to reach out and say hello. Build community! And tell you what’s going on in ours. Because we’re a place full of neighbors and friends, people who care deeply about Oregon, the world, and each other. So stay tuned as we bring you more in the coming months about life here at Terwilliger Plaza.

Members Speak: New Beginnings
What does New Beginnings mean to you?

“New beginnings means being willing to embrace life as it comes to you. Moving to the Plaza was a new beginning, another step in my life journey.  I loved the places I've lived in before, and I love the place I live in now.”
— Alyson Inouye

“New beginnings means to me that life is full of changes and transition, and we need to evolve and accept with excitement each day – and what it brings.”
—Sue Beardwood

Members Participate: September Events
We’re a contemplative group of thinkers and doers. See what’s going on in our world.

Breakfast Forums
9/16 - Suzanna Morgen from the Oregon Food Bank
9/23 - Raymond Ewing on Foreign Policy Challenges
9/30 - John Krazer on Higher Education in the Trump Era

Inspirational Talks
9/29 - Dr. Brad Larsen on confronting life’s challenges in a positive, proactive way. Since turning 60, Dr. Larsen has earned an MBA, completed a 100-mile bike ride, run his first marathon and made his first summit attempt of Mt. Rainier.

Ongoing Classes & Gatherings
Brainstorming 101, Inquiring Mind, TED Talks, Tech Users, Artists in Residence, Trekkers, Town Hall Meetings, Authors Circle, Friday Night Music.

Members Speak: The August Eclipse
What was your favorite part about the eclipse?

“Seeing the Corona of the eclipse was exciting to me. The bright fringe around the sun while the moon blanked out the body of the sun was something seldom seen!”
—Alice Frost

For us, building community is important for us and the world, at large. And new beginnings start with us — all of us.