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Want to be well? Be social.


We’re fans of friendship. Aren’t you?

Research shows that having a good social circle is just as important as eating your veggies. Why? Because emotional health is a big part of physical health. They work in hand-in-hand. And according to an article by The Institute on Aging, a decline in social activities can lead to depression and anxiety while staying socially active can help ward off memory loss and dementia. (It’s also fun.)

What if you’re homebound and no longer work, travel to see family or go to community events? What if you’re not able to easily leave the house? Does that mean that socialization is left to the caregivers? Yes and no. While caregivers are wonderful and definitely a source of social joy, sometimes you or your family need more. And we’re here to help.

Be Social, Wherever You Are.

Whether you live at Terwiliger Plaza or elsewhere, we can help with Ally™ In-Home Services. Most people think Ally is all about medication and doctor’s appointments and it is – but it’s more than that. We believe that conversation is healing; scrapbooking can be miraculous. And from letter writing to library lectures, Social Ally is here to provide the connection you and your family needs to be their best.

  • Talking: discuss current events or your favorite television shows
    • Hobbies: scrapbooking, birding, stamp collecting, whatever you love
    • Outings: lectures, art museums, music concerts and more
    • Library visits
    • Friend time: from Sunday brunch to afternoon visits
    • Letter writing
    • Puzzles, games and brain teasers
    • Beauty time: from manicures to shoe shopping
    • Volunteering: help others while helping yourself
    • Inspiration: whether it’s ballroom dancing, nature, or choosing color chips at the paint store, we’re here to help you live an enthusiastic, socially fulfilling life.
  • Friendship starts here.

    Being social makes you smile, is good for your health, and gives you a sense of purpose and belonging. The more you see your friends and continue to engage in things you love, the better your self-esteem. And everyone knows that nothing beats anxiety (and a cold!) like a healthy dose of confidence. Of course, nothing beats good conversation, either. Let’s be social.