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The dog days of summer are here.

It’s August! And that means some of the hottest temperatures of the year even though we’re in Oregon. So stay hydrated and reach for hats and sunscreen. Then enjoy the sun (and the fun) of Portland.

1: Get to the water!
Whether you’re looking for a place to dip your toes or an all-out swimming hole, Portland and surrounding areas are full of places to cool off. From Hagg Lake to Punchbowl Falls, Sauvie Island to Trillium Lake, there are plenty of spots you’ll love.

2: Berries, berries, everywhere.
Maybe you’re into picking berries. Maybe you’re into eating them! Either way, now is the time to pick your own at one of Sauvie Island’s farms. Or pick your own the easy way at a farmers market. And then try our favorite new recipe.

3: Sun Safety.
It’s great to enjoy the sun, especially if you have sunscreen and a hat to go with it. Get out there in style with something from Bonnet or try the newest thing in sunscreen for women, brush on sunblock.

4: Summer Songs.
Want to see some of the best regional and local music? Check out the Noon Tunes concert series in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Or head to the zoo for acts like Pink Martini and From The Buena Vista Social Club. (Animal noises, included.)

4: Hydration Station.
In August, the best rule is to drink water, constantly. Keep a few water bottles on hand throughout the day. Drink a full glass with medication. And if you’re not a water lover, make it fun by turning it into a mocktail. Strawberries and coconut water, anyone?

5: Dog Days, Literally.
If you really want your dog days of summer to include a dog, the Humane Society could always use volunteer dog walkers. It’s a great way to give back and get something in return. (Slurp.)