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Let’s move, October! It’s Active Aging Season.

Officially, Active Aging Week was in September. But around here, Active Aging happens every week – and all year long. So what’s Active Aging? The World Health Organization defines it as “optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age.” And at Terwilliger Plaza, it’s all just a part of living here.

Members Speak

What Does Active Aging Mean to You?

“Active aging means keeping all of our faculties invigorated with physical, mental and social activities. Living here at Terwilliger Plaza encourages just that kind of involvement, with its programs and facilities for all interests and abilities.”

— Marjan Wazeka

“Active aging means participating; passive aging means watching TV and saying, "I'm too old for that.” Terwilliger Plaza's motto is, "Living Forward" which I think means living positively in the future, regardless of the limitations of an aging body. Accept who you are and find ways to get involved in spite of decreased mobility. Volunteer! There is always need for another body to pass the refreshments, answer the phone, give out programs, sort the mail or greet people. I like to be a hostess.”    

— Carolyn Savage

Members Speak

Why is Active Aging Important?

“Being active and social as we age helps me to have the right mental attitude in all that I do, giving me a zest for life. I participate in everything from the Resident Council to Water Aerobics, Welcome Committee to Tomato Alley and more. I am so glad that I moved here!”

— Sue Beardwood

“When I lived alone, it was a burden to seek out opportunities and many times I didn’t – and was not active enough. Here at Terwilliger, there are so many possibilities for staying active, physically and mentally.  And so many opportunities to meet compatible people to do them with. Working together makes good friends.”

— Ellen Upton

From Zumba to Saturday Morning Lectures, committees to volunteering, there are plenty of ways to participate – and have fun doing it. We believe wellness is physical, creative, spiritual, social, outdoors – and wonderful. Won’t you join us?