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Inspire, not Retire! Get ready to give back.

Giving back is more than something we do, it’s how we live around here. At Terwilliger Plaza, our members love donating their time, ideas and efforts inside and outside the Plaza. Ready to get inspired? Read on. 

Members Speak

What Does Active Aging Mean to You?

“Volunteering is a way of life for us. Not only does it provide immeasurable help to the organizations we support, but it brings a sense of satisfaction and engagement. It gives us an opportunity to share our gifts through friendly outreach in various settings.”

— Colleen & Tom Foster

“Active aging means participating; passive aging means watching TV and saying, "I'm too old for that.” Terwilliger Plaza's motto is, "Living Forward" which I think means living positively in the future, regardless of the limitations of an aging body. Accept who you are and find ways to get involved in spite of decreased mobility. Volunteer! There is always a need for another body to pass the refreshments, answer the phone, give out programs, sort the mail or greet people. I like to be a hostess.”   

— Carolyn Savage

Giving Back: At Home

Havana Good Time: The Fall 2017 Gala
The Annual Gala raises money for programs and projects that enhance the quality of life at Terwilliger Plaza. And this year, members, staff and guests celebrated Cuban style and raised more than $23K. From rolling cigars to bidding on auction items, enjoying Cuban cuisine to learning salsa, everyone came together in fun and community to enjoy each other – and make a difference.

The Lesta Hoel Memorial Fund
Established by Terwilliger Plaza’s first president and named for her, the Lesta Hoel Fund, a 501(c)(3), exists to support members who outlive or otherwise exhaust their financial resources. No member has ever left our community for financial reasons — and we love that.

“Volunteering gives me a reason to get up every morning! Sometimes I do a little housekeeping, sometimes I re-shelve and give advice, but I always find a community.”

— Linda McCammon, Library Volunteer

Giving Back: In Portland: The Social Accountability Committee

From the annual sock drive to the Conversation Partner Project, walkathons to the food bank, our Social Accountability Committee gives members the chance to donate their time and talents to various charities. This year, the committee donated over $64,000 for the Northwest Pilot Project Walkathon, Schoolhouse Supply, Meals on Wheels, Sisters of the Road, Oregon Food Bank and more.

Donate: The Holiday Sock Drive for Lift Urban Portland is happening! Donate new socks and Lift will give them to low-income and homeless individuals this winter.

Watch: See our new Social Accountability video! Click #InspireNotRetire.

“The biggest benefit to volunteering, in my opinion, is connecting with other human beings.”

— Marjan Wazeka