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Get ready to #InspireNotRetire.

Welcome to retirement that has very little to do with retiring – and everything to do with giving.

You know what doesn’t change when you retire? Your skills. Whether you were a judge or CEO, teacher or musician, your talents, drives and desires come with you. That’s what our Social Accountability program is all about – taking those skills and putting them to work for others. Our members gave over 7,000 volunteer hours last year, a trend that’s sure to continue. Here are some of our favorite projects.

Talk: The Conversation Partner Project.

The Conversation Partner Project is exactly what it sounds like: talking. And it’s a lot of fun. Our members meet with a community of senior immigrants at Cedars Sinai Park once a week, sharing stories as a way to help them learn English. They talk, share food and laugh, which is great in any language. Read more about it.

Walk: The Northwest Pilot Project Walk-a-thon.

Stretch your legs – and your dollars – with this yearly walkathon for the Northwest Pilot Project. Whether you’re a fast walker or someone who likes to saunter, every little bit counts. And since we match funds, your effort is doubled, resulting in thousands of dollars raised every year for fellow seniors in need.

Serve: The Board of Directors.

Did you work at a non-profit in your former work life? Were you an attorney, CPA, or have business skills that are ready to be revived? Run for a seat on the board of directors. Serving on the board is a great way to represent your neighbors and help make decisions that impact the entire community.

Give: It’s in our nature.

Part of being a non-profit is giving back to our community and the community of Portland, as well. But one of the beautiful things about volunteering is that giving back gives back to you. Whether you’re donating to Schoolhouse Supplies or gathering socks for the sock drive, the difference you make might also be within yourself. (Happy volunteering.)

Want to see #InspireNotRetire in action? Watch our video.