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Wellness is physical. It’s creative! It’s being in nature. And it involves your body, mind and spirit. That’s why we take a personal approach to developing a wellness program you’ll love. We’ll start with a fitness evaluation. And then we’ll find activities that fit your passions and your goals. Mix chatting and cardio with aerobic drumming and aquatics; stretch and find some solace in yoga; hit the trails and treat your soul to some nature; and then treat your body to massage or one-on-one training with one of our certified Wellness Team staff. We’re fans of wellness for everyone, everywhere. Can’t you tell?

Wellness is…

Physical Go, go, cardio with everything from Zumba to Aqua Fit, strength training to personal training, all with an initial fitness evaluation.

Discover a hidden talent by trying something new or revisit something you’ve always loved. From weaving to photography, you’ll find clubs and classes for almost everything.

Explore your spiritual side with Vespers or choir, find some quiet on the nearby Marquam Trail or find your center in yoga or tai chi classes.

Potential friendships are everywhere. Make friends while helping others in our Social Accountability programs. Bond over books with book club. Find common interests with others at Saturday Morning Lecture Series, weekly happy hours and more.

Being In Nature
Soothe your soul with the scent of lilacs on a nearby garden walk, stroll down
nearby trails, or take in the sunset and our beautiful rooftop view.

From a healthy body to an active mind, we hope you join us in all the sides of wellness. See it in action, here.


Perks Include:

  • Complete fitness evaluation to create your own wellness plan
  • Exercise equipment for health and fitness maintenance
  • Innovative wellness classes
  • Yoga
  • Strength training/resistance bands
  • Modern aquatics center with Aqua Fit classes
  • Personal training
  • Spa, massage therapy and acupuncture
  • Wellness lectures and support groups
  • Highly-qualified, dedicated and certified Wellness Team
  • Personalized, individual programs for all stages of life
  • Classes for balance, coordination, core strength, flexibility and endurance