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Continuing Care Q&A
Continuing Care, Continued.

When it comes to continuing care, we know there are a lot of questions. Where will I live? What’s right for me? How do I make sure I have access to the services I need? And what kind of services are available? Below, we answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: I need continuous, licensed healthcare services. Do you have those?
A: Yes. The Terrace is a licensed assisted living facility and the Metcalf is a licensed residential care facility.

Q: Are The Terrace and The Metcalf the same?
A: Our approach in both areas is the same: both environments have a licensed charge nurse on-site 24/7, and this professional oversees a team of caregiving staff. Each is supervised by a RN resident care manager and is overseen by our health services administrator, who is also a registered nurse.

Q: Do you have a licensed skilled nursing facility?
A: We do not. We had one in the past, but found that our members chose not to reside there. That’s why we offer enhanced assisted living services, which are staffed similar to a skilled nursing facility but in a home-like setting.

Q: How are The Terrace and The Metcalf different?
A: The primary difference between the two areas is the layout and location of the apartments. The Metcalf has a more traditional nursing station while The Terrace is designed as a residential, non-healthcare neighborhood.

Q: What about exercise and rehab?
A: Integrated exercise and rehab happens no matter where you live. And if you move, your rehab comes with you.

Q: Do you have a Memory Care Facility?
A: Although we don’t have a separate memory care facility, we seek to maintain an integrated environment within our licensed healthcare areas. Many individuals that exhibit the signs and symptoms of dementia are able to have their needs met within our existing healthcare facilities.

Want to learn more about continuing care? Have a questions? Please call us at 503-808-7871 for more information.