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Continuing Care

When it comes to healthcare, we’re about maximizing independence. Keeping you the healthiest as long as possible. And giving you plenty of options on #TheRoadAhead. It’s a collaboration. A conversation. And a way for us to work together so that you, your spouse, and your family can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying each other. So how do we do that? We take a holistic approach, which encompasses everything from physical to emotional, social to spiritual. It’s not just health, it’s health and wellness. And no matter where your path takes you, we’re here every step of the way.

Health Services

Along the road to health and wellness there are many paths – and we want to be there for all of them. That’s why we’ll travel with you so that it’s continuous, personal, and always a conversation.

How does it work?

Our approach is centered on the entire person. By acknowledging your individual life experiences and preferences, we can help you turn onto a new path that fits in with your life and your likes. It’s a collaboration, and we encourage you to be an active participant. Together with family members, we’ll look at your situation and share which new paths are available as changes occur. Then you can make the choice that best supports your health and wellness goals.

Continuing Care Includes:

  • Care and services by licensed nurses in a warm, residential setting
  • Coordination with outside services providers, such as long-term care insurance, hospice and home health
  • Exercise and rehab services are available on-site wherever you live, including: physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Great for treating current illnesses/injuries, preventing future ones, managing pain and assessing assistive devices. Also includes evaluation of strength, mobility, function and fitness. Restorative aid can provide ongoing support post-therapy.

Want to learn more about continuing care? Please call us at 503-808-7871 for more information.