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Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Accreditation

Less than ten percent of Continuing Care Retirement Communities are accredited. Which means? Terwilliger Plaza does more than say we provide quality care – we actually prove it. Terwilliger Plaza has been recognized with a CARF-CCAC accreditation since 1997.

To earn this seal as a CRCC in Portland, Oregon, we must meet or exceed over 1,200 measurements of excellence, including vital issues such as Governance and Finance. And we’ve earned the seal seventeen years in a row. We're committed to enhancing quality of life as well as ensuring the respect of all of our members. That's what this endorsement is all about. From improving services and programs to moving everything forward, we're happy to apply for this seal year after year. And even happier to bring you the quality it represents.

Want to learn more about CARF-CCRC accreditation? Click the seal.


100 Best Green Companies in Oregon - 2014, Oregon Business Journal

Ranked as the 54th best green company to work for in Oregon in 2014, Terwilliger Plaza joins a list of many others who are implementing recycling, energy conservation and a love of public transportation into the workplace for a healthier Oregon.


Age-Friendly Business Certification since 2011, Elders in Action

Elders in Action, a non-profit dedicated to serving seniors, had given Terwilliger Plaza an age-friendly certification. This review by trained evaluators looked at everything from customer service and physical layout to determine that the needs of the elder population are being served well.