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Terwilliger Plaza


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Living Forward is about being whole. Having fun! And thriving exactly where you are. It’s about health and wellness, inspiration and beauty, and friendships and the community that surrounds us. Living Forward is more than a mantra, it’s a way of life. It’s also what makes us one of the most vibrant communities for 62 and up in Portland. From foodies to hikers, wine enthusiasts to bloggers, Terwilliger Plaza is a place for everyone – especially those who think retirement has very little to do with retiring.

So what’s our story? Our mission? And do we give back? Yes, yes, and yes. Dive in, #BeInformed and learn everything you need to know about Living Forward and this vibrant place so many of our members call home.

Transforming Retirement Communities Since 1960 In Portland, Oregon Photo - Terwilliger Plaza
Portland, Oregon Retirement Homes On A Mission Picture - Terwilliger Plaza
Anything Is Possible With Senior Living In Portland, Oregon Photo - Terwilliger Plaza