Our board is the opposite of bored.

Which is why, when you come to Terwilliger Plaza, you’ll be more than self-governed. You’ll be inspired. Involved! And the “boss of you.” From Saturday Lectures to elections for the board, we’re all about letting members run the show. And enjoy the ride! Start with these links:

What does self governed mean, anyway? Leading Age talks all about it.

We love board elections! Including the slogans. Check out these vintage political buttons.

Love to learn? You’ll love Continuing Education at PSU! Click for classes.

Chris Guillebeau, native Portland entrepreneur and writer, talks about empowerment, here.

For fun, watch Mr. Smith talk about liberty in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington:

Want to learn more about our community? Email membership@terwilligerplaza.com or call 503-808-7870.